SonicFox Leaving Wickedness Geniuses – Leading Gamer is a Freelance

SonicFox is by far among the very best combating video game gamers on the planet. Currently an usual solution to that is the very best gamer of perpetuity. The combating video game titan will certainly be a freelance once again however, as today we have actually seen the news of SonicFox leaving Wickedness Geniuses. The gamer is parting methods with his group and is once more cost-free to sign up with the blossoming lineups of any kind of various other org with eyes on a combating video game group.

SonicFox is an excellent combating video game gamer that has actually handled huge points in a lots of various titles, attaining huge points in the majority of the very best combating video games. He’s a multi-time EVO victor in the past, having actually won for Oppression: Gods Amongst United States, Temporal Kombat X, Dragon Sphere FighterZ, Skullgirls, and Temporal Kombat 11. With every one of these outcomes, it would certainly be feasible to call him the very best combating video game gamer. Why is he back on the marketplace as a freelance after that?

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SonicFox Leaving Wickedness Geniuses

SonicFox could be among the very best FGC gamers of all, time, yet currently he’s mosting likely to lack an org. The gamer tweeted today introducing SonicFox leaving Wickedness Geniuses. His separation from the group hasn’t had any kind of additional description from the gamer. He’s just allow the globe understand that he’ll be leaving the org, and is open to signing up with one more.

SonicFox has actually belonged to EvilGeniuses because 2020, signing up with the group after a future at Mirror Fox prior to that group’s disbanding. His kept up Wickedness Geniuses has actually been a long one. The gamer has actually been dipping his toes right into several of the brand-new launches of the year extra just recently. He’s shown up in some Road Competitor 6 events and appears to be boning up consistently at Temporal Kombat 1.

With plenty of brand-new combating video game launches this year, SonicFox may have extra EVO wins still to find. He’s certainly an appealing finalizing to any kind of combating video game org trying to find a fresh gamer. With SonicFox leaving Wickedness Geniuses, lots of orgs have the possibility to obtain among the leading gamers on their lineup for 2024.


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