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Overwatch 2 has long had a varied actors of personalities which are the main draw for a great deal of the gamer base. We understand a fair bit regarding several of these personalities many thanks to every one of the tradition bordering the video game. Overwatch Hero elevations, backstory, a great deal of it has actually been exposed throughout the years. What regarding the OW Hero ages though? They ve really just lately been verified by Snowstorm. OW 2 Period 6 has actually included a couple of brand-new components, including what all the Overwatch hero ages are.

Snowstorm has actually displayed a fair bit of info regarding the personalities past just how they execute in the video game itself. It s commonly this additional info and also tradition that obtains followers most thrilled. After a fair bit of supposition throughout the years, Snowstorm has ultimately revealed the OW 2 hero ages. These are every one of the ages of the personalities.

Resource: Snowstorm

OW Hero Ages

Ana 62 Years of ages.
Ashe 41 Years of ages.
Baptiste 38 years of ages.
Stronghold 32 years of ages.
Brigitte 25 years of ages.
Cassidy 39 years of ages.
D.Va 22 years of ages.
Doomfist 47 Years of ages.
Mirror 14 Years Of Ages.
Genji 37 Years Of Ages.
Hanzo 40 Years Of Ages.
Illari 18 years of ages.
Junker Queen 31 years of ages.

Junkrat February 29.
Kiriko 21 years of ages.
Lifeweaver 31 years of ages.
Lucio 28 years of ages.
Mei 42 years of ages.
Grace 39 years of ages.
Moira half a century old.
Orisa 1 years of age.
Pharah 34 years of ages.
Ramattra 28 years of ages.
Reaping machine 60 years of ages.
Reinhardt 63 years of ages.
Roadhog half a century old.

Sigma 64 years of ages.
Vacation 47 years of ages.
Soldier 76 58 years of ages.
Sombra 32 years of ages.
Symmetra thirty years old.
Torbjorn 59 years of ages.
Tracer 28 years of ages.
Widowmaker 35 years of ages.
Winston 31 years of ages.
Damaging Sphere 16 years of ages.
Zarya thirty years old.
Zenyatta 33 years of ages.

That is the Youngest Hero in Overwatch?

Orisa is really the youngest hero in Overwatch! A great deal of gamers commonly presume it s D.Va, yet Orisa is really the youngest personality. Being just 1 years of age, Mirror is substantially more youthful than the remainder of the actors. Nevertheless, Mirror is quite …

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