Oriental (AFC) 2026 Globe Mug certifying timetable, results, table

Oriental receiving the 2026 Globe Mug will certainly be a lengthy trip, an onslaught that will certainly need– at a minimum– numerous team phases.

The Oriental Football Confederation (AFC) will certainly place 8 groups straight right into the 2026 Globe Mug, with a nine group mosting likely to the inter-confederation playoffs in hopes of making the competition.

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Just Africa and Europe will certainly place much more groups in the 2026 Globe Mug.

Existing Premier Organization gamers Heung-min Kid (Spurs, South Korea), Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton, Japan), and Saman Ghoddos (Brentford, Iran) are amongst those that will certainly see their Globe Mug wishes fluctuate over the following 3 years– though all use nationwide groups preferred to get approved for the competition.

Listed below you’ll discover the style, ratings, and– at some point– tables, as loads of countries bid to transform their Globe Mug fantasizes right into truth.

Oriental (AFC) 2026 Globe Mug certification style

Preliminary (Oct. 11-17, 2023): 20 groups, home-and-away

2nd round (Nov. 2023 – June 2024): 36 groups, 9 teams, leading 2 from each team development

3rd round (starts Sept. 2024): 18 groups, 3 teams, leading 2 from each team get approved for Globe Mug, 3rd- and fourth-place groups to 4th round

4th round (starts Oct. 2025): 6 groups, 2 teams, team champions get approved for Globe Mug, second-place groups to 5th round

5th round (November 2025): 2 groups, champion mosts likely to inter-confederation playoffs

Oriental (AFC) 2026 Globe Mug certification timetable– Following 2nd round components

June 6, 2024

Hong Kong 2-4 Iran
Jordan 3-0 Tajikistan
Chinese Taipei 0-3 Oman
Afghanistan 0-0 Qatar
Palestine 0-0 Lebanon
Bahrain 0-0 Yemen
Uzbekistan 3-1 Turkmenistan
Pakistan 0-3 Saudi Arabia
Kyrgyzstan 1-1 Malaysia
Indonesia 0-2 Iraq
Vietnam 3-2 Philippines
Singapore 0-7 South Korea
Bangladesh 0-2 Australia
Myanmar 0-5 Japan
India 0-0 Kuwait
Nepal 0-4 UAE
China 1-1 Thailand
North Korea 1-0 Syria

June 11, 2024

Iran vs Uzbekistan
Saudi Arabia vs Jordan
North Korea vs Myanmar
Turkmenistan vs Hong Kong
Yemen vs Nepal
Oman vs Kyrgyzstan
Tajikistan vs Pakistan
Australia vs Palestine
UAE vs Bahrain
Thailand vs Singapore
Qatar vs India
Lebanon vs.

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