APPEARANCE: Colts introduce brand-new black safety helmet as component of alternating attire that will certainly be put on for one video game in 2023 

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Evidently, it’s style week in the NFL. We have actually currently seen 3 groups introduce a brand-new safety helmet or attire today, as well as currently, we can include the Indianapolis Colts to that listing.

For the very first time in franchise business background, the Colts will certainly be putting on a black safety helmet, as well as they introduced the brand-new safety helmet Thursday.

The brand-new safety helmet will certainly be put on for one video game in 2023, which will certainly be available in a house video game versus the Browns on Oct. 22 (Week 7).

Not just will the Colts be putting on a brand-new safety helmet that day, yet they’ll additionally be introducing a brand-new attire. The face-lift will certainly have the Colts going blue from head-to-toe with a blue jacket being coupled with blue trousers.

This brand-new consistent mix notes a massive adjustment for the Colts, that have actually been putting on nearly the exact same precise attires for their whole presence. Because their growth year in 1953, the Colts have actually nearly solely put on a white safety helmet with the exemption of 3 periods (1954-56) when they put on a blue one. (They additionally put on heaven one as a throwback in 2010.)

When it comes to their all-blue attires, the Colts did have an all-blue shade thrill attire, yet the one they’ll be using this year is a various color of blue.

The Colts currently sign up with the Browns, Seahawks as well as Vikings as group that have actually introduced a makeover today.


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